1500S Pre-A, nut and bolt restoration
Porsche 356 1500 S 1953

Porsche 356 1500 S coupe, MY 1953 rolled out of factory in January 1954. 1500S the high-end model of the 356 lineup back then and thus production numbers were quite low. Most of the cars on the market today are standard 1500 models, only few 1500S models are available. It has some of the unique features of the 1953-1953 transition models such as under dash regulator, Veigel tachometer with the angled output shaft, on-dash interior light switch etc. Car has been built with care and dedication to factory spec over years. The car has been built to mild outlaw look. All the modifications are of bolt-on/bolt-off style to enable returning car to stock.


Chassis has been gone through a nut and bolt restoration. Every piece of rust have been removed and replaced with new sheetmetal. During the restoration the skin metal was separated from structural body aligning the factory seams. This allowed restoration to be done as it would have been done in factory. The nose panel was beyond restoration and new NOS nose panel was sourced. Body has been sandblasted and body skin metal has been soda blasted to bare metal. Body has been primered and painted. The underside and interior is painted to semi gloss black as per factory and outside is finished in metallic grey. The car has new bumbers from Restoration Design.

Chrome parts have been re-chromed, these include e.g. door frames, rear quarter window frames and latches, all interior handles, ashtray face plate and sun visor frames. Chrome plating is concours level including copper underneath triple layer chrome. The exterior door handles are good quality square model repro units with original push buttons and lock cylinders. Front lights are original, restored Bosch symmetrical units with NOS chrome rings and re-plated reflectors. The front lights are fitted with the NOS symmetric French-spec yellow lenses. Front and rear beehives are high quality repro units. Car has fitted with all new seals and rubber parts and new windows - except for rear window which is original.

Gauges are restored to concours level. The tachometer is original, correct date to car Veigel with correct 1500S faceplate. The speedometer is original type Veigel with MPH dial. The oil gauge is a perfect, brand new, high quality repro by North Hollywood Speedometer and uses electric sending unit instead of mechanical unit. All the wiring has been redone. Original steering wheel is restored. Sun visors are re-chromed and fitted with new correct plexi-inserts. New glove box insert for the dash is in place.

Car has new electronic 12V regulator fitted to the original under dash location. Power is generated by restored, rare 90mm 12V generator which has been restored, fitted with new bearing and brushes and test run by authorised Bosch-dealer.

The transmission is original to the car. It is completely restored and fitted with new bearings and synchronisers. The axle shaft tubes has been sand blasted and painted to semi gloss black. The car has NOS, period correct Koni adjustable shock absorbers in front. Rear shocks are at the moment air-shocks to enable easier tire change and small adjustment of the rear height. New regular rear shocks comes with the car. All the wheel bearings are new. In the front end all new tie rods are fitted and original steering box is checked and restored. As car is being built to mild outlaw style the front end features lowering spindles with NOS German king and link pin set professionally fitted. Original, restored spindles with all new OE quality German link pins comes with the car. The brakes are the original aluminium drums restored to factory specs. The brake main cylinder is VW two-circuit unit instead of original single-circuit unit for additional safety. All hard and soft brake lines are new. Brake shoes and hardware are all new and wheel cylinders re-furbished original Ate units.

The wheels are original one-year-only Porsche 911 Fuchs 4, 5 x 15” for the front and original one-year-only Fuchs 5, 5 x 15” for the rear. These are fitted with 5 x 205 —> 5 x 130 bolt-on adapters to the car. The second set (5pcs in total) of wheels are original 16 x 3.25”s.
The engine is 912 unit which has been completely gone through. It has the 1720 big bore kit instead of standard 1600 set. The crank is machined and balanced machine shop. The connecting rods has been checked for roundness and fitted with new bushings in machine shop. The heads will be completely gone through and fitted with new seats and valves to factory spec. Engine has stock 912 camshaft and lifters. The engine has been put together with all new bearings and seals. Engine cooling tin has been painted to semi gloss black. The carbs are new Solex replicas with original vintage velocity stacks. Knecht mesh-filters are under restoration and comes with the car. Car is fitted with 123ignition, new Bosch coil and new spark plug leads.

The interior is done according to factory spec with new wool headliner, seats have been restored completely and hinges re-chromed.

Parts that are installed, but comes with car:

Original spindles
Original ignition switch (needs restoration)
Original start button (missing one screw from terminal)
Original 16" wheels (5pcs)
Original hubcaps for the 16" wheels (needs restoring)



Completely restored, all rust removed and bodywork done according to factory spec.
Interior, underside and under the hoods areas painted semi-gloss black.
Exterior colour grey metallic.
Door frames and window frames re-chromed to concours level.
NOS door mirror
Original headlights restored with NOS chrome rings and NOS yellow lenses.
Headlight reflectors re-plated.
All new beehive lights front and rear.
All new seal kit for car.
New bumbers front and rear from restoration design.


Original aluminum drums, restored to factory specs with restored wheel cylinders.
All new hard and soft brake lines.
New 2-circuit main brake cylinder.
All new tie-rods.
Lowering spindles with NOS king and link pin set.
All new wheel bearings.


Porsche 912 engine, fully restored
1720 big bore piston and cylinder kit.
Original 912 crankshaft in STD/first under dimensions, bearing surfaces polished.
Connecting rods fitted with new bushings and checked.
912 stock camshaft
All new bearings and seals.
912 heads restored and fitted with new valves, guides and seats.
New Solex P11-40 replica carbs.
Cooling tin media blasted and powder coated to black.
All new fuel lines
All new oil lines and restored oil can
123ignition distributor
Bosch coil


Original to the car Porsche 519 unit.
Completely restored with new bearings and synchronisers.


Veigel-gauges, restored by North Hollywood Speedometer and gauge specialist in Finland
Störk-replica oil-gauge with electric sending unit by North Hollywood Speedometer.
Correct “fat back” front seats with re-chromed hinges
Original rear seat.
Original style interior light.
Original, restored sun visors with correct plexi inserts.
All original interior handles and ashtray face rechromed
All seats re-upholstered by professional in red leathrette
New headliner
Full carpet set from Autos International


New wiring loom.
Converted to 12V (most 6V parts comes with the car).
Electronic voltage regulator.
Wiper motor with 12V conversion (6V parts comes with the car).

Wheels, set #1

Front: Original Porsche 911 Fuchs 4, 5 x 15" with 145/80-15 tires
Rear: Original Porsche 911 Fuchs 5, 5 x 15" with 185/65
5 x 205 —> 5 x 130 bolt-on adapters.

Wheels, set #2

Original Porsche 356 pre-a slotted 3.25 x 16” wheels (5 pcs in total)
Original 16" hubcaps (needs to be re-chroming)

  • 24 000 km
  • 1953
  • 0 kW /0 hp
199 800 €