Vene Riva


Upea klassikko Riva. Valmistenumero 122 joko löytyy mainittuna myös Riva kirjallisuudesta. Vene ja moottori läpikäyty 2017. - Classic Riva hull #122. Boat and engine overhauled on 2017.

Derived from the prototypes built after the war, the Ariston is the only model that was present in the boatyards price list throughout Carlo Rivas management, but was subject to continual updating to keep it worthy of its name, Ariston, the best of the best. Originally with a two-part glass windscreen, this became a single piece in 1952 but still without a frame. In 1955 it was subject to the modifications mentioned for the Florida Super, with frames with a centre distance of 22 cm and all the other technical modifications. The upholstery was yellow Vipla and black and white checked Saran.

The hull was lengthened in 1956 to allow fitting of the alternative Cadillac engine. In 1957 the deck was made of ply from # 122 and the transom of three layer diagonal planking from # 130. The windscreen was also changed, it became wrap-around with a frame that allowed the folding hood to be fixed. This was to make the Ariston an ideal boat for all seasons. In 1958, as for the other models, the seat padding became rubberised hair. A blower was provided in the engine bay and, from # 171, the sides were of pre-formed three layer diagonal planking. # 218 of 1958 started the 1959 series. It had the new dashboard with the deep-centre wheel and new instruments and, moreover, a perfected hood.

  • 0 h
  • 1957
  • 220 hp
129 000 €