50 TDI quattro S-Line
E0A Special editions: No special edition
1PR Lockable wheel bolts: Wheel bolts with theft protection and loose wheel warning
1TR Vehicle class differentiation units/platform components: Vehicle class differentiation -4MF-
0P0 Exhaust tailpipe: Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)
7CP Emissions standard: Emission standard EU6 AG/H/I
04H Sales program: S line
1D3 Trailer hitch: Trailer hitch
4UF Airbag: Airbag for driver and front passenger with front passenger airbag deactivation
GS5 Applications: Applications
6XL Exterior mirror setting: Exterior mirrors with memory feature, auto-dimming, power-folding/adjustable/ heated
EA0 Follow-on warranty: Without follow-on warranty
5SL Left exterior mirror: Left exterior mirror, aspherical
GM0 Electronic engine sound measures: Without electronic engine sound measures
5RU Right exterior mirror: Right exterior mirror, convex (large viewing field)
0K4 Alternative drive system: Hybrid propulsion system MHEV
9WC "Multimedia", video/DVD/notebook connection: Without "Multimedia" in vehicle
A8S Equipment levels: Standard equipment
6K8 Area monitoring systems: pre sense city without pre care
1KQ Brake type in rear: Disc brakes in rear
J2D Batteries: Battery 380 A (68 Ah)
1LN Brake type, front: Disc brakes in front
6FA Components with special surface appearance: Components without special surface appearance
NY0 Battery/alternator capacity: Standard battery/alternator capacity
B0A Component part sets with country-specific design requirements: Component parts set without country-specific building regulation
KN1 Trim element: With trim panel
1S1 Tool kit and jack: Tool kit and jack
0VV Owners manuals: Information kit in Swedish
7A0 CD changer/CD player: Without CD changer/CD player
2H9 Charism: Drive select
QJ0 Chrome package: Without aluminum/chrome package
C34 General operating permit, alterations: Operating permit, alteration
0C0 CO2 variant: Standard
IT3 Connect package 1: With Connect package 3
IU0 Connect package 2: Without Connect package
IV0 Connect package 3: Without Connect Plus
IW3 Connect package 4: Emergency call service and roadside assistance call
2D0 Cd enhancing underbody panel: Without cd enhancing underbody panel
2MA Shock absorption/suspension, chassis: 4-corner air suspension with electronic shock absorption control, sports version
3S2 Roof rails/roof load rack: Black roof rails
3FA Roof insert/convertible top: Without roof insert (standard roof)
6F7 Decorative films / emblems: Emblems
1Y6 Differential lock: Automatic slip-control differential
2G5 Insert for the filling up of unleaded fuel/fuel type: Filler neck module 1 without insert
QT5 Step: Without step
7AL Theft protection system: Anti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring, backup horn, and towing protection
7TM Inserts: Decorative inserts
VT5 Scuff plates: Scuff plates in door apertures
9X0 Park distance control: Park distance control in front and rear with sensor-based side protection
7W1 Extended safety system: With extended safety system (proactive passenger protection system)
UF7 Electric interface for external use: Electric interface for external use
GZ0 Power-operated door (power latching): Manually operated doors
0FA Manufacturing sequence differentiation: Standard manufacturing sequence
6A0 Fire extinguishers: Without fire extinguisher
1P0 Suspension, chassis: Standard suspension
VL0 Pedestrian protection: Standard pedestrian protection measures
VF1 Pedal cluster: Pedal cluster
8K1 Headlight control: Separate daytime running light
2V5 Fresh air intake for passenger compartment (with particulate filter): Fresh air intake system with combination filter
UH2 Parking brake: Parking brake
5L0 Front spoiler: Without front spoiler
7I1 Vehicle tracing system: Vehicle tracking system with restart prevention
F0A Vehicle specifications: No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
9R0 Night vision: Without night vision
9G8 Alternators: Belt-driven integrated starter alternator 48 V 110 - 250 A
0YJ Weight category rear axle: Weight range 9 installation control only, no requirement forecast
0JL Weight category front axle: Weight category front axle weight range 11
T7V Base engine: 6-cylinder diesel engine 3.0 l unit 059.N
3U7 Luggage compartment cover: Luggage compartment cover
8T8 Cruise control system: Adaptive cruise control (with "follow-to-stop") and speed limiter
VC0 Garage door opener: Without garage door opener
G1G Transmission specifications: 8-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive
6Y2 Cruise control system and speed limiter: Speed limiter
GH1 Rear differential: Basic rear differential
6V1 Rear trim panel: Rear trim panel (ECE)
A51 Manufacturer: Audi AG
5J1 Rear spoiler: Rear spoiler
0N1 Rear axle: Standard rear axle
6NQ Molding roof liner: Standard molded headliner
3NS Rear seats: Rear seat bench/backrest, split folding with center armrest
9AQ Heating and air conditioning system: Air conditioning system plus
8IT Headlamps: LED headlamps
KS0 Head-up display: Without head-up display
U5A Instrument clusters: Instrument cluster, km/h speedometer
4L6 Breakaway interior rearview mirror: Breakaway interior rearview mirror, auto-dimming
K5A Body style: Body style variant 1
QK1 Camera/distance sensor: With multifunction camera
6SS Luggage compartment floor covering: Luggage compartment floor covering
0M5 Fuel tank capacity: Fuel tank
0Y3 Climatic zones: Cold zones
QR9 Compass/road sign display: With dynamic road sign display
4D0 Seat ventilation/massage seat: Without seat ventilation/massage seat
GB1 Booster: Antenna amplifier type 1
5ZF Head restraints: Front head restraints
1Z6 Fuel quantity for initial filling: Increase in initial standard fuel filling
0F3 Fuel systems: Fuel system for diesel engine
5C0 Body measures: Without special body measures
3G4 Child seat anchor in front: Child seat anchors in front
KA6 Camera systems/accident sensors: With front and rear view camera system and two side cameras
KK3 Refrigerant: Refrigerant R1234yf
6W6 Front license plate carrier: Front license plate carrier
5K5 Paint preservative/transit coating: Transport protection film with additional transport protection measures
3GD Rear luggage/load compartment floor: Plane luggage/load compartment floor in rear
QQ2 Light package (lighting): With additional lights (interior lighting)
NJ0 Charging dock: Without charging dock
ES0 Vehicle inlet: Without vehicle inlet
L0L Steering system arrangement: Left-hand drive
QZ7 Steering: Power steering
8G5 Light control systems: Multiple matrix beam
EV0 Charging cable: Without charging cable
73A Charging cable with industrial connector: Without charging cable (industrial connector)
EH0 Length of charging cable: Without charging cable
2P2 Loading edge protection: Stainless steel loading edge protection
7P1 Lumbar support: Power-adjustable lumbar support in front seats
2PF Steering wheels: Leather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel
AV1 Driving on the left/on the right: Driving on the right
9VS Speaker installation: Sound package "branded"
2C5 Steering column systems: Axial and vertical adjustable steering column
7HA Leather scope: Without leather
8Q3 Headlight range control: Dynamic headlight range control (self-adjusting while driving)
6E6 Center armrest: Center armrest in front
FM0 Versions: Basic equipment variant
9S8 Multi-function display/trip computer: Multi-function display/on-trip computer - active info display
8Z5 Engine cooling system: Not hot country
IX2 Engine type: Diesel engine
DV8 Engine specifications: 6-cyl. turbo diesel engine 3.0 l/210 kW V6 TDI common rail base engine is T7V/T2P
7UG Navigation device: Navigation system - High
FY4 N.N.A.: Type 4
FZ1 N.N.N.: N.N.N. Type 1
EL3 Online services: Online service, without OCU, with head unit coding, without engine immobilizer interconnection
GP0 Upgrading measures: Vehicles without special upgrade measures
FT0 Park assist/garage parking assist: Without park assist with remote control/garage parking assist
FQ1 Quattro GmbH: Audi Sport/quattro GmbH wheels
AQ0 Quality class: Standard-production quality
CX2 Wheels: Alloy wheels 10J x 22
I8T Radios: Radio High Plus (gen2)
9JA Smokers/non-smokers package: Non-smokers package
ER1 Regional code for radio: Regional code " ECE " for radio
7K1 Direct tire pressure monitoring system: Tire pressure monitoring system
H8Q Tires: Tires 285/40 R22 110Y xl plus absorbers
V0A Tire suppliers: Tires without specification of tire brand
1G8 Spare wheel/breakdown kit: Breakdown kit
0E2 Wheelbases: Long wheelbase
PCD Assistance package "Parking" =360-degree view cameras without curbwarning, without maneuver assist
PG3 Comfort key in combination withanti-theft alarm system with towingprotection
PQD Pakiet S line Exterieur
PV3 Power seats in front including memoryfeature for the driver seat
PXC HD Matrix LED headlamps
WNX 4 Klimatpaket
WQS Pakiet sportowy S line
WSC 1. S line selection
YEA Internt styrnummer
4X3 Side airbag: Side airbag in front with curtain airbag
A00 Self-collection / special control: No self-collection
2KA Special labels/plates: Labels in Swedish and English
8SQ Rear combination lamps: LED rear combination lamp
FK2 Additional tank for SCR: With additional tank for SCR (24 liters)
QL5 Pane type (except windshield): Dark tinted glass in rear seat area (Venus 35/Privacy) heat-insulating glass (green) in front
4E7 Lock operation for tailgate/trunk lid: Tailgate/trunk lid power closing
QI6 Service indicator: Service indicator 30 000? km or 2 years ( variable )
2K7 Bumper systems: Reinforced bumpers
2F0 Locking and starting systems: Without locking and starting systems
1I0 Seat belt check: Passenger presence detection
N1V Seat trim covers: Seat trim covers in leather
3L4 Seat adjustment: Power seats in front, driver seat with memory feature
4A3 Seat heater: Seat heater for front seats separately controlled
0LE Safety certificate: With special labels safety certificates for Sweden
JX0 Front cross traffic assist: Without front cross traffic assist
7L8 Start-stop system/regenerative braking: Start-stop system with regenerative braking
8Y1 Horns: Two-tone horn
S0C Control number (no PR family): Introductory volume
5XC Sun visors: Sun visors with illuminated vanity mirror on driver and front passenger side
7Y0 Lane change assist/lane keeping system: Without lane change assist
6I6 Lane keeping system: Lane keeping system plus semi-automatic vehicle control in a medical emergency and traffic jam assist
4KC Side and rear windows: Side and rear windows in heat-insulating glass
3Y0 Roll-up sun screen for rear and side windows: Without roll-up sunshade
GJ0 Traffic jam assist/co-pilot in heavy traffic: Without traffic jam assist/co-pilot in heavy traffic
FA0 Handling production and pre-production: Control of series production
8X1 Headlamp washer system: Headlamp washer system
9PA Windshield wiper arms/blades: Standard wiper arms/blades
3M3 Special registration measures: Passenger car design
0NB Nameplate set: Nameplate set in basic style
4F2 Door and lid locking system: Central locking system "Keyless Entry"
B07 Type approval countries/countries with special requirements: Type approval country Sweden
5D1 Carrier frequency for radio remote control: Carrier frequency 433.92 MHz-434.42 Mhz
3CX Partition: Net partition
NT1 Transit coating: Transit coating (type 2)
QV0 TV reception/digital radio reception: Without TV reception/digital radio reception
1VH Installation parts for engine (engine mount system): Installation parts for six-cylinder engine
1SJ Front underbody guard: Additional front underbody guard
1EX Identification plates: Special identification label for EC for M1 passenger vehicles
2Z8 Type sign: Type sign and company logo
1T3 First aid kit / warning triangle: First aid kit with warning triangle
Q1D Front seats: Sports seats in front
9ZE Telephone / telematics: Comfort telephone system
EW0 Maintenance contract: Without maintenance contract
7E0 Heat accumulator system/auxiliary heater: Without heat accumulator/auxiliary heater
4GF Windshield glass type: Windshield in heat-insulating glass
2WA Additional tires (snow tires): Without additional tires
0TD Floor mats: Floor mats in front and rear
4ZD Decorative trims: Black decorative trims
3B3 Additional child seat anchors: Child seat anchors
0RC Ignition/starter switch locking system: Starter switch locking system
6U0 Additional dust seals: Without additional seals outside
VH2 Central electric: 48-V electric system
9M9 Auxiliary heater: Fuel-fired parking heater with radio remote control, Ajotietokone, Avaimeton käynnistys, Ilmastointi (Automaattinen), Keskuslukitus, Keskuslukitus (Kaukosäätöinen), Nahkasisusta, Navigointijärjestelmä, Ohjaustehostin, Penkinlämmittimet, Pysäköintitutka tai -kamera, Sähkökäyttöiset ikkunat, Sähköpeilit, Sähkösäätöiset istuimet, Sähkötoiminen takaluukku, Vakionopeudensäädin, Ajonvakautusjärjestelmä, Isofix-valmius, Kaarrevalot, Käynnistyksenesto, Luistonestojärjestelmä, Lukkiutumattomat jarrut (ABS), Mäkilähtöavustin, Sumuvalot, Turvatyynyt, Varashälytin, Xenon-ajovalot, Erikoisvanteet, Huoltokirja, Monitoimiohjauspyörä, Polttoainekäyttöinen lisälämmitin, Sadetunnistin, Turbo, Urheilullinen alusta, Vetokoukku, Ilmajouset, Äänentoistojärjestelmä:Bang&Olufsen

  • 7 200 km
  • 2019
  • 210 kW /282 hp
139 800 €